My name is Laura. I’m a birthmother in an open adoption. My son, Eric, turned 23 in February 2018. His mom reads every post of this blog, but I’m not sure he even knows about it. This is my story – but because it’s about adoption, it necessarily touches on the stories of many others. My aim is always to be respectful.

Adoption is a personal experience – different for every single individual involved, regardless of their place in the triad (birth family, adoptive family, adopted person) or their relationship to a person in the triad. This blog is about my experience. It’s not meant as a point of comparison – simply as a means of expression. A place to tell my story and share my perspectives about adoption – and about life. Certainly I’m not the first woman who’s opted to use such a vehicle. Nor will I be the last.

I welcome your thoughtful comments, feedback, and questions. I will respond to the best of my ability.

You can reach me directly via email at phxazlaura at gmail dot com.

Laura and JohnJohn and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on March 17, 2018.